Our Modern Day Paradoxes

Does it serve our purposeIs what we do, individually or as a society, conducive to fostering better lives for ourselves—finding happiness, productivity and sustainability? Or could the things we do unwittingly lead us to create the circumstances responsible for our stresses, our frustrations, our inequities, our shortcomings, our mistakes and, possibly, our downfall?

A “paradox” is a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that, when investigated or explained, may prove to be well-founded or true.

Georges CarlinPhilosopher and comedian, George Carlin, is known for his incisive satire and sarcasm. In a recording, he cleverly points to the contradictions between that which we do versus the outcomes that we desire, or the virtues with which we would like to ascribe ourselves.

This week’s blog post is about our reflection and our engagement. Please, enjoy the following transcript of the insightful comments by Carlin and provide your reactions in the comment section. Share how you feel about specific statements, or comment about how we, humans, fare in creating environments in which we hope to thrive, and in fostering a civilization in which we believe.


The paradox, these days, is that…

♦We have more knowledge, but less patience and tolerance.Highway

♦Our highways are wider, but our perspectives are narrower.

♦We spend more, but have less.

♦We purchase more, but enjoy less.

♦We have bigger houses, but smaller families; more amenities, but less time.

♦We have more degrees, but less common sense; more education, but less good judgment; more pundits, but also more problems; more medication, but less wellness.

Drink smoke♦We drink too much, smoke too much and spend too recklessly, but hardly laugh enough.

♦We drive too fast, and are too angry, but ignore wasted time and kinder ways.

♦We turn in too late and wake up too tired.

♦We don’t read enough, watch too much TV… and rarely meditate.

♦We have accrued more valuable possessions, but lost our values.

♦We talk too much, yet seldom love, and we hate too often.

Moon♦We are taught to earn a living, but not to lead meaningful lives.

♦We have prolonged life expectance, but not increased life quality.

♦We landed on the moon, but won’t cross the street to meet a new neighbor.

♦We seek to conquer the universe beyond our world, but not our inner-workings.

Big Buildings♦We produce bigger things, but not better ones.

♦We have better hygiene, but pollute our minds with nonsense.

Atom♦We’ve dismantled the atom, but not our prejudices.

♦We send more messages, but receive less meaningful ones.

♦We plan and work more, but accomplish less.

♦We’ve grown accustomed to stress, but not to waiting.

♦We build computers to store more information, to produce more copies than ever before, but lost our touch in our personal communications.

♦We live in an era of fast-food, but slow digestion; of great men, but low integrity; of record profits, but superficial purpose and relationships.

Big House♦Our generation produces two incomes, but more divorces; fancy houses, but broken homes.

♦We live in times of short trips, disposable diapers, low moral values, one-night-stands, obesity and pills for just about anything—uppers, downers, for sleeping or killing—which oppose the balance and meaning we seek in life and for our world.

Fast Paced

Hug♥ Remember to say I love you to your partner and to your beloved ones, but, above all, believe it. A kiss and a hug will relieve pain, when they are sincere.

Hold Hands♥ Remember to hold hands and cherish that moment, because, one day, this person will be gone from your life, forever….


Love♥ Make time to love, to talk to and share your thoughts and emotions with others.


♥ And never forget that life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by those precious occasions that take your breath away.Breath


Carlin CloseIf this resonates with you, please share your opinions in the comment section.

Only by speaking up about how we feel can we determine a consensus about acceptable norms for society.

I wish you and yours much Success and Happiness, ahead. For more ideas and strategies on awareness, our potential, our success and happiness, please follow this Blog and consult Our X Factor, available everywhere in paperback and e-format and at http://www.ourxfactor.com/.

Xavier Van de Lanotte

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